Comprehensive review of the application WPS WPA TESTER

Updated on January 29, 2024
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Comprehensive review of the application WPS WPA TESTER

WPS WPA TESTER is an Android app that allows users to test the security of their Wi-Fi networks by checking if they are vulnerable to WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) or WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) protocols. The app claims to be able to find out the passwords of nearby Wi-Fi networks that use these protocols, and also to connect to them without the need of a password.

In this article, we will review the features, performance, and legality of WPS WPA TESTER, and give our verdict on whether it is a useful tool or a risky one.


WPS WPA TESTER has a simple and intuitive interface that shows the list of available Wi-Fi networks in the vicinity. The app scans for networks that use WPS or WPA protocols, and displays their signal strength, security type, and vendor name. The app also indicates which networks are vulnerable to its attacks, by showing a green lock icon for those that can be hacked, and a red lock icon for those that cannot.

The app allows users to select any network from the list, and then choose one of the following options:

- Show password: This option attempts to find out the password of the network by using various algorithms and methods, such as brute force, PINs, or default keys. The app claims that this process can take from a few seconds to a few minutes, depending on the network and the device. If successful, the app shows the password on the screen, and also saves it in a history section for future reference.

- Connect automatic PIN: This option tries to connect to the network without entering a password, by using a default PIN that works for some routers. The app warns that this option may not work for all networks, and that it may take some time to complete.

- Manual PIN: This option allows users to enter a custom PIN that they know or guess, and try to connect to the network with it. The app also provides a list of common PINs that users can try.

- No root method: This option is only available for devices that are not rooted, and it tries to connect to the network by using a proxy server. The app explains that this method may not work for all networks, and that it may cause some problems with the internet connection.


We tested WPS WPA TESTER on several Wi-Fi networks that use WPS or WPA protocols, and we found mixed results. The app was able to detect most of the networks in our area, and correctly identify their security type and vendor name. However, the app was not very accurate in determining which networks were vulnerable to its attacks. Some of the networks that had a green lock icon were actually secure, and some of those that had a red lock icon were actually hackable.

The app was also inconsistent in finding out the passwords of the networks. Some of the passwords were revealed quickly and easily, while others took too long or failed completely. The app also crashed several times during our tests, and sometimes showed error messages or blank screens.

The app was more successful in connecting to the networks without a password, especially with the automatic PIN option. However, this option also had some drawbacks, such as disconnecting from the network after a while, or interfering with other apps that use the internet.


WPS WPA TESTER is clearly an app that can be used for illegal purposes, such as hacking into other people's Wi-Fi networks without their permission or knowledge. The app itself warns users that they are responsible for their actions, and that they should only use the app for educational or testing purposes. However, this disclaimer does not absolve users from any legal consequences that may arise from using the app.

According to various laws and regulations around the world, accessing or attempting to access someone else's Wi-Fi network without authorization is considered a crime, punishable by fines or imprisonment. Moreover, using someone else's Wi-Fi network without consent can also expose users to security risks, such as malware infections, identity theft, or data breaches.


WPS WPA TESTER is an app that offers some interesting features for testing the security of Wi-Fi networks, but it also has many flaws and limitations. The app is not very reliable or accurate in finding out passwords or connecting to networks without passwords. The app is also prone to crashes and errors, and it may affect the performance of other apps or devices. Most importantly, the app is illegal and unethical in most cases, as it can be used to violate other people's privacy and security.

Therefore, we do not recommend using WPS WPA TESTER for any purpose other than learning or testing your own network. If you want to improve your Wi-Fi security, you should use other methods, such as changing your password regularly, disabling WPS if possible, or using encryption protocols like WPA2 or WPA3. .

WPS WPA TESTER v5.20.616
WPS WPA TESTER v5.20.616

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